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Whether you are just checking if you are the right fit for a new career in design, or wondering how you can improve what's going on in your current design career, this quiz is for you!

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Question 1 of 4

If design paid little money, but you got to complete amazing projects worthy for a magazine would you will do it?



Yes.I love Interior Design!


I love design, but want to get paid so would not last very long in this profession


No way. I'm in it for the money.Next!

Question 2 of 4

Some people only want to attract high spending, luxury design clients. How important is it that your client is related to the Kardashians rather than a regular client with moderate money to spend on a design project with you.


Luxury clients are not my goal. I's rather make the regular Joe really happy and meet them where they are at.


I'd prefer clients with money, as I'd like the ability to be as creative as possible but I'd be happy to be working rather than aspire to this type of client always.


Eww please! If I have to scrimp to get the job done with your beer money I'd rather not bother. Thank you!

Question 3 of 4

How important financially is it for you to have design job after design job lined up? Would you need to do other things to support yourself if you weren't constantly running full service design projects?


I only need the design income to supplement my household income. I'm not the sole contributer/I have other sources of income which I would keep. It doesn't need to be a full time gig for me.


I definately need to fill my client pipeline. If I am going to be a designer it needs to satisfy my income needs as a full time profession.

Question 4 of 4

What salary level are you seeking from a career in interior design?


30-50K yearly


50-80K yearly


100K and up!

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